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Marcos Zoya

Barista Trainer / Consultant

I started in the coffee world without realizing it and without realizing it I was already trapped for life. It is my passion and my life.


My first stage was in Ireland where I learned from a coffee scene already developed and in continuous evolution. There I trained as a barista and as an AST trainer in 2016.


On my back to Spain I have collaborated independently with baristas, roasters and passionate trainers.


At the same time, I am the representative of The Barn here in Spain.

My more than 8 years as a barista, educator, and communicator behind a machine in business with volume in Madrid and Dublin have prepared me to be able to advise and advise you on how to be productive, fast and efficient. Enjoying every shot and every customer. Quality in each cup, with sales volume and without compromise.


Contact me if you want to join any of the courses I teach or if you need advice with your business.


Thank you,
Marcos Zoya,
AST Trainer and consultant.

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